Consumer Alert

Live at the…waiiiiiit a minute

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that there’s been a bit of a snag with the digital release of Live At The Atlas.  Half of the album’s tracks appear to be “skipping” and are definitely not right.  CDBaby and iTunes are resolving the problem, and a re-release is set for Tuesday, March 3rd.  Because of issues with the digital distribution process, the corrupted files will still be up on iTunes and other digital sites in the interim.  Please do not buy a digital copy of Live At The Atlas until the re-release date to ensure you get a pristine digital copy of the album.

If you purchased a problematic digital copy of Live At The Atlas,  please email me at  I will send you a signed hard copy of the CD.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused — it is due to circumstances out of my control and is a total bummer on my end.  But hey, what do they say about good things and waiting?  ;-)  We’ll celebrate the digital re-release in 2 weeks.  ‘Til then.